Resolza (Pattada) Franco Piredda

Resolza (Pattada) Franco Piredda
Franco Piredda ---- Model Pattada ------   building completely hand ----- 9cm blade. steel Sandvik 12C27 --- total length 20 cm. --- Collar and pins: Nickel silver with artistic engraving burin ---- Scales: Briar

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Franco Piredda knifemaker is the most representative of Sardinia and has long realized, entirely by hand, perfect knives according to the strictest canons of "knife Pattada." Steel high-performance, top-notch materials and Horn, snug fit, superb finishes proof magnifying glass, they recognize at a glance the knife "Piredda. ----------- - the absence of Franco from exhibitions or performances, and his note confidentiality, makes every knife a rarity that, in fact it is only sold exclusively through this website.